Roy Kim

About Me:

Hey there, my name is Roy Kim and I'm a sophomore at Brea Olinda High School. Through video games, I found interest in computer science and discovered the beauty of being able to create a variety of things with programming. I believe that computer science provides mankind with the greatest power of creation in the modern world, which is why I strive to become a software engineer. My first steps towards this goal is accomplished with GITA.

About GITA

GITA, which stands for Global Information Technology Academy, is a 4 year-long elective class that BOHS offers for students who want to learn about computer science. GITA is divided into four different years of classes: GITA 1, GITA 2, GITA 3, and GITA 4 (AP Computer Science Principles). Last year, I learned C# in GITA 1. This year in GITA 2, the focus is on web design using HTML, CSS styling, and Javascript. This webpage is made by myself with the aforementioned programming skills, without the use of templates. You can view the projects I've made in GITA by selecting the 4 different classes.

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School Contact: (714) 990-7850