GITA 2 Projects

Russian Misinformation

Basic webpage about the
Russian Influence on
elections through media.

Technology Project

Webpage about Augmented
Reality that uses rollovers.

Business Card

Business Card for
the fictional "Crickleap."


Collage of images and descriptions
about myself, using positioning.

Taiyaki Shop

Online Shop for Taiyaki.

Dice Game

Roll the Dice.

Craps Game

Vegas Craps Game Simulator.

Circle Bounce

Bouncing circles.


Pinball-like game. Three
lives to score high!

X-Streme Webpage

X-Streme webpage that shows
computer science as
an extreme sport.

Space Invaders

My spin-off of the
Space Invaders game.

Circle Bounce 2

100 Circles bouncing
with a trembling eraser.

Internet Project Template

Hopefully the template
is working.

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Brea, CA 92821

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